Cancer research Wales charity ball

9th February 2020

Early in my photography career, I had the pleasure of being asked to capture this black-tie event for cancer research Wales, which took place at Dering lines camp in Brecon. This was such a unique event with special guests, magicians and auctions all helping raise money for such a worthwhile cause.

With the evening about to begin and having captured a lot of detail shots, I made my way to the reception area ready for the guests to arrive for their champagne reception. The evening began with lots of bubbles and magic, when I say magic, I mean the amazing James Went who dazzled all the guests with his amazing card trickery. This was something which I just had to capture as I am fascinated with magic and tricks. 

Moving on further into the evening and once the guests had all found their tables and were seated it was time for the first guest speaker and host for the night Geraint Hardy, Giving his welcome speech and explaining how the order of the night will go.

Having captured images from around the room, plenty of smiling faces, it was clear to see this was going to be a very fun and entertaining night. The auctions started with loads of sporting memorabilia which was kindly donated by various British sporting icons and teams from past and present. Prizes were to follow, games such as ‘stand up, sit down’ were played. All the time the brilliant James Went was making way around the table of guests and leaving them speechless by the time he had left their table.

After the three-course meals then came some heart-warming speeches from the two organisers of the event Dale Evans and Neil Gardner which really emphasised the main reason why we were all there that night. Then came a performance I that took the breath away of all the guests as we all got lost in the performance of the amazing Gruffydd Wyn Roberts. Former Britain’s got talent finalist was simply amazing as he performed numerous songs for everyone in attendance.

With the night drawing to a close and all the moments and memories captured it was time for myself to put down the camera and join in with the evening as I was invited by the organisers to finish the night as a guest and enjoy the final auctions and band that was to close out the evening.

This was an event I will never forget, such a worthwhile cause and I also got the chance to photograph for a charity which is something I love to do. Meeting amazing people and capturing these types of special occasions is why I love what I do.